Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Services Descriptions

Attorney Services ~ Full services for all litigation needs including but not limited to background checks, witness location and interviews, and surveillance using video and photographic technology

Civil and Criminal Litigation Services ~ Similar type work to our attorney services but also available to individuals seeking a private investigator

Insurance Fraud ~ Evidence collection using video and photographic technology for disability, workers compensation and other fraudulent insurance claims

Missing Persons/ Heir Locate/ Witness Locate ~
For those seeking a loved one, family member, old friend, heir location, witness location and others

Personal Injury ~ Services to those that have been injured in an accident or with malicious intent and need the evidence for litigation or attorneys representing such persons

Pre-employment Screening ~Extensive background investigation for large and small employers including investigative interviews if needed. Pre-employment screening can include but not limited to the following records ~ Name, Address & SSN Verification, Bankruptcy Filing Search, Character Reference Interviews, Corporate Search, Character Investigation, Credit History, Criminal Conviction Search, Current Warrant & Wants Search, Civil Court Record Search, DBA Ownership Search, Drivers License Search, Driving Record Search, Earnings Verification, Education Verification, Job Performance Interviews, Professional Licensing Verification, Prior Employment Verification, Telephone Number Verification, Worker’s Compensation Claims Search

Surveillance ~ Used in any type of private investigation case as needed with video and photographic evidence. Typically our clients need evidence in cases such as Matrimonial, Domestic, Child Custody, Elder & Child Abuse, Personal Injury, Insurance Fraud, Civil and Criminal cases. Hi8 and DVD formata are available for your video needs. MPI also uses 35mm or digital photography to assist you with your photographic needs. We want to tailor your investigation down to the photographic or video detail.

Background Checks ~ We offer several background check packages based on your needs our background investigations include; Internet Search, Public Records, Interviews, Surveillance, Arrest Records, Alias Names, Bankruptcy Filings, Criminal Records, Convictions, Corporate Ownership, Driving Records, Domain Name Ownership, Judgments, Relatives, Lawsuits, Military Background, Past & Present Addresses, Prisoner Information, Property Ownership, Phone Numbers, Professional Licenses, Real Age, Sex Offenders, Tax Liens, U.C.C. Filings, Vehicle Ownership.

Elder / Child Abuse & Neglect ~Available for both elder and child abuse cases, child custody, in-home, nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities and individuals who suspect abuse and neglect may be occurring. The following are the types of elder abuse~neglect investigations conducted. Bruises/Welts, Cut/Puncture/Bites, Burns/Scalds, Sprain, Dislocation, Bone Fractures, Internal Injuries, Asphyxiation/Suffocation/Drowning, Injury with Deadly Weapon, Decubitus, Physical Injury, Sexual Battery, Sexual Molestation, Sexual Exploitation/Lewdness, Harrassment/Belittlement/Ridicule, Inappropriate/Excessive restraints, Inappropriate/Excessive isolation, Confinement/Bizarre Punishment, Mental or Psychological Injury, Inappropriate or Excessive drugs given, Poisoning, Inadequate supervision, Conditions Hazardous to Health, Inadequate Shelter, Inadequate clothing, Inadequate food, Malnutrition/Dehydration, Self Neglect, Death due to Abuse/Neglect
Financial Exploitation/ Identity Theft ~ Individuals who have been exploited out of their money including suspected identity theft

Matrimonial/ Domestic Cases/ Child Custody ~ Mission Possible Investigations conducts Infidelity/cheating spouse type cases. We collect information about the subject of the investigation day and night activities and who they interact with. MPI uses high quality surveillance video and photographic equipment to gather evidence for our clients. Database search engines that sift through millions and millions of web sites and documents that can be found online that are not always available to the public are frequently used. When necessary, discrete interviews to gather information regarding your case may also be conducted. MPI will also identify other individuals that may be relevant to your case. If needed, investigators will meet with your attorneys, provide evidence as needed and can also testify in your case. MPI also conducts investigations into other circumstances including elder and family law cases.