Monday, November 12, 2007

Evidence for Attorneys Dvd Vs. HI 8 Video

DVD vs. HI 8 Video

Often attorneys must decide what format of video evidence would they prefer.

As long as the video is admissible in court one is not better than the other, however here are a few things to think about.

For the last 20 Years Hi 8 Video was the way to go for recording video evidence and has worked well in court cases across the country. As technology propels us into the future, we are faced with new technology that will enhance our lives and make our jobs easier.

DVD's have many great aspects such as being able to play them in your desktop computer, laptop, home DVD player and portable DVD players. DVDs are a quick and easy way to store video information that can also be sent via email from one colleague to another.

As a private investigator I think of a few things when choosing what to shoot my video with. 1. Does the video camera have adequate night vision. 2. Does the camera have quality zoom control where I can be far enough away to not blow my cover but close enough to make out details about the subjects. 3. How long will my battery last 4. How much recording can I complete on 1 DVD vs High 8 cassette.
As an attorney, if you don't have the equipment to review and convert a High 8 video, DVD is probably the way to go. DVD gives your firm that professional look and feel. As technology moves forward, Hi 8 cassette will become the dinosaurs of technology and DVD will be the mainstream technology to use.