Friday, February 1, 2008

Protect Yourself from Staged Auto Accidents

Protect Yourself from Staged Auto Accidents
Information provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau

"Automobile accident fraud is among the country's most widespread and lucrative fraud crimes, and the Insurance Research Council estimates 24 percent of bodily injury claims resulting from vehicle crashes are fraudulent." From start to finish the entire scene is staged; a staged crash with criminal drivers, paid witnesses near the crash site offering false statements, unethical attorneys representing the criminal drivers, medical providers inflating costs and conjuring up nonexistent injuries and criminals causing self-inflicted injuries prior to the crash. It can all seem real to the unsuspecting victim but it's far from accurate or accidental.

There are steps you can take to decrease your odds of becoming a victim of this crime:

Avoid tailgating and leave plenty of distance between your vehicle and another in case that car suddenly stops
Call the police to an accident scene and obtain a police report with the officer's name, even if the damage is minimal
Carry a disposable camera in your car for documentation of the number of passengers and damage at the accident scene
Avoid people who suddenly appear at an accident scene and try to direct you to unethical attorneys or medical providers
Be wary of physicians who insist you file a personal injury claim after an accident, especially if you have not been hurt.

Visit to learn more about the 4 type of staged accidents and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim. Call 1-800-TEL-NCIB if you suspect insurance fraud or vehicle theft.

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