Monday, April 21, 2008

Child Abuse costs US $258 Million each day!

Child Abuse Costs You

Child abuse is not only a social issue it’s an economic one too. In a first ever landmark report completed by Prevent Child Abuse funded by the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation estimates that the United States spends $258 million each day as a direct or indirect result of the abuse and neglect of our nation’s children. The estimate includes the direct costs associated with child abuse intervention and treatment for the medical and emotional problems suffered by abused and neglected children, as well as the indirect costs associated with the long-term consequences of abuse and neglect to both the individual and society at large. The study estimates that the annual costs are equivalent to $1,461.66 per U.S. family.

“Studies have shown for years that abused and neglected children are less likely to be school-ready and more likely to exhibit behavior disorders, to become teen parents and juvenile criminals, and to abuse alcohol and drugs. These consequences can become more pronounced as abused or neglected children grow into adulthood, making them more likely to become adult criminals and to develop chronic illnesses.” The long-term effects of child abuse are taking a staggering toll on families emotionally, psychologically and financially.

Total Daily Cost of Child Abuse & Neglect in the United States

Direct Costs Estimated Daily Cost

Health Care System
Hospitalization $17,001,082
Chronic Health Problems $8,186,185
Mental Health Care System $1,164,686
Child Welfare System $39,452,054
Law Enforcement $67,698
Judicial System $934,725
Total Direct Costs $66,806,430

Indirect Costs

Special Education $612,624
Mental Health and Health Care $12,678,455
Juvenile Delinquency $24,124,086
Lost Productivity to Society $1,797,260
Adult Criminality $151,726,027
Total Indirect Costs $190,938,452
TOTAL COST $257,744,882

Data courtesy of Prevent Child Abuse America Note: The statistical data used to compile this chart is available on the Prevent Child Abuse web site,

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