Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finding Your Birth Family

Survey’s have shown that a large percentage of those adopted have searched at one time or another for their birth families. Whether you are searching for your birth parents or searching for the child you placed for adoption the first initial step you must take is to identify your birth family member’s name. Ask questions to your adoptive parents, other family and friends of the family if necessary.

Locate all documents that you can including amended birth certificate, petition and final decree of adoption.

Contact the State or agency where the adoption took place and seek out the non-identifying information. This non-identifying information may help in the search. Some of this information may include: health status, medical history, ethnic origins, education and religion. Non-identifying information may also include the parent’s ages at time of birth, the age and sex of other children, hobbies, general geographical location, and even the reasons for the adoption.

Contact the Records Department of the hospital where you were born. While it’s unlikely you will be able to obtain information, you might find someone who is willing to help.

Try to get as much information as you can from the adopted family as in the beginning they will be your best resource.

Make sure you register at one of the state and national reunion registries.

Some state's laws forbid the opening of sealed adoption records. Although, sealed records can be opened by court order. Consulting with an experienced attorney before pursuing court action will be critical in the process.

If you are able to find the important identifying information, your search can be conducted in much the same way as any other locate investigation. If you are not able to find your birth family member’s name, the search will really be next to impossible but calling our to discuss some further options.

Finally, call us and see how we can further assist you in your search.

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