Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year, New Look

As we ring in 2009, Mission Possible Investigations has revamped its image. Our new logo can be seen on this blog and on our website. We are excited about our new look as we have not had an actual logo our first year in business. This was a big step for us. As Jamie will tell you, he strives for perfection in his case work, his business development and all things business related. He worked hard and diligently to find the perfect look for Mission Possible Investigations. I think he succeed and more importantly, those of you that gave us feedback along the way, think we did as well. Thanks to all of you that have supported us since our inception and those who respond to our requests and became our basis for informal market research. We appreciate what you tell us!

As we move into 2009, we will continue to send our newsletters with informative articles on a range of topics. Last year, we had much success with our articles---many can be found as the basis for this blog. We had great success with our criminal defense articles, missing persons and insurance fraud. Many of you took our survey at the end of 2008, and we will take your advice on new topics and case stories as we create our new newsletters.

You spoke and we listened to what you wanted for this blog as well. This year we will blog more often, talk about current national cases and connect more with you our readers. We will still include some of our educational articles here but to make sure you catch all of them, please sign up for our newsletter on our website. www.mpinvestigations.com

Thanks to all and we wish all of you a prosperous and healthy 2009!

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