Saturday, January 17, 2009

Searching for Jaliek

Jaliek Rainwalker, a local Greenwich boy that has been missing since November 2007. Because of our past and current work with missing and abused children, we felt that we could and should lend our expertise to this investigation. Its been a long road and we have still not found Jaliek.I think that we have more answers than we had when we started. Much of the work we have done has been completed under the radar of the media and others involved in the case.

We learned early on that most involved had one specific opinion about what happen to Jaliek.It would have been easy for us to become involved, take in only the information we were provided and form our opinion on what we were being told. However, any good investigator will tell you, you have to keep an open mind and let the evidence dictate where you go with a case not let your preformed opinion dictate the slant on the evidence that's found.

We followed all sorts of leads. We looked into several angles including Jaliek running away, being abducted, being sold and having been murdered. Roughly 12 months into our investigation, we have a pretty good timeline of events formed based on facts from law enforcement and what we have found through interviews. We have a general idea of what we think has happened and we continue to search even in the winter. We once said that we won't quit until Jaliek is found and we meant that.

I guess I'm writing about this because its been awhile since we have commented on the case. I'm sure many believe that we have given up or stopped our work, we have not. We still read the blogs, although we don't comment, we still follow up on leads that may come our way and still continue our searches.

We will continue our work until Jaliek is found and justice is served.

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